What’s special in the process of tannage? We choose chrome tanning or ecological tanning to achieve the durability and wash ability required, and not contain harmful toxics.

Does the sheepskin quality meet the standard ? Yes. The plates have passed the examination of detection and quarantine departments. In addition , the processes of tanning, dying, shearing, combing, and clipping can be guaranteed by our profession.

How to keep/maintain Sheepskin? Our sheepskin products have been tanned with a most advanced technology. Sheepskin products require little care--brushing, shaking out or vacuuming will usually do the trick. You just need to do some general daily maintenance to keep their beauty and comfort for the self-cleaning properties of sheepskin.

How to wash sheepskins?Professional dry cleaning is recommended to maintain the products’ beauty, unlike other fabrics, shearing will not appear the same after it is washed. The wool will curl and the pelt will be shrunk, although it will be cleaner.

Are these natural Sheepskins?Yes, all of our sheepskin items are made from 100% genuine natural fur, which is sourced from Australian. Nature is the best, as a matter of fact.